A personal, ISC licensed, keyboard driven window manager.

By default it will attempt to create 484px wide frames centered on your screen (which translates to 80 column xterm clients when using the default fixed font).

Coma ties in directly with your shell if properly configured. see the README for more information.

It is perfect for hackers.

Key bindings, frame widths and more are all configurable via $HOME/.comarc. Read manual page after building and installing.

Copyright © 2019 Joris Vink


Latest release: coma-1.1.tar.gz

- or -
$ git clone


$ cd coma
$ make
$ doas make install


All key bindings are changeable via the config file.

C-t       = prefix

prefix-c  = new xterm
prefix-e  = execute command local or remote
prefix-Sp = toggle popup area
prefix-p  = previous window
prefix-n  = next window
prefix-r  = restart Coma
prefix-h  = move to frame to the left of current frame
prefix-l  = move to frame to the right of current frame
prefix-k  = kill client in current frame
prefix-i  = move the active client to the left
prefix-o  = move the active client to the right
prefix-s  = split frame
prefix-m  = merge frame back together
prefix-f  = toggle focus between split frames
prefix-z  = zoom/unzoom current frame to cover all frames